About us

About us

Cheese Toasted (formerly Honey Kuma) is a Canadian apparel and accessories brand where all of our product designs are created in-house by us. We take inspiration from adorable and trending ideas and turn them in a useful or wearable form. We offer sweaters/sweatshirts, t-shirts, and small accessories like stickers, enamel pins, keychains and patches. 



Form and Function

Cheese Toasted was created as a creative outlet for a freelance designer who wants to combine creative illustrations not bounded by rules of contracted work with functional design principles. Our apparel line is created based on a balance between functional everyday wear (functional) with bold designs (form).



Encourage Creativity

The main design philosophy behind our apparel design is each piece of work should be treated as a creative product. This means every apparel design will have limited quantities rather than being massed produced. There is a limited stock for each design. Once they are gone, there are no restocks. The main reason behind this restriction is to encourage us to regularly create new designs rather than sitting on an established design, regardless of how successful it is. This apparel project, after all, is a creative outlet, so each piece of product should feel special and unique.



The designer

The designer behind the apparel have a rather diversified background. She splits her time between working in healthcare and design. This also greatly influences her design philosophy, which meant all apparel are carefully balanced between comfort & style.



Join us!

Please feel free to follow us as we go our design journey with Cheese Toasted! We will be posting our work in progress and design ideas regularly on our blog or Instagram, so we are always open to feedbacks as we work on new designs.