Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide

Each product page have an accompanying sizing chart. Sizing chart between items or products may be different so please always refer to the sizing chart before choosing your size. We are not responsible for any sizing decisions you make as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

Chest: the measurement displayed on the chart indicates the circumference of chest of the apparel.

Waist: The measurement displayed on the chart indicates the circumference of the waist of the apparel.

Sleeves: for drop shoulder designs, sleeve length are measured from the collar down to the cuff.  

Length: The length of the apparel is measured from the center of the back collar straight down to the bottom edge of the apparel.


Material consideration

Our sweatshirts use a combination of 65% cotton to 35% synthetic fiber. This material do not tend to shrink after wash. Our instructions recommend you to wash in cold and to tumble dry on low. However, we also tested washing and drying on high and the fabric was able to retain its shape and size. If you chose to machine wash + tumble dry on high, please do so at your own discretion as we are not responsible for any unexpected damages from not following care instructions.

Our T-shirts are made of 100% cotton stretch fabric and may shrink up to 20% (if using hot wash) after the first wash. The level of shrinkage depends on if you used cold wash, hot wash, or tumble dry. Cold wash with no tumble dry usually results in little to no shrinkage. Warm or hot wash followed by tumble dry will result in shrinkage. Please consider your laundry preferences when choosing the size of any pure cotton shirts.